Help! Finding Remote Desktop Services Information Online

Help! Finding Remote Desktop Services Information Online

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We’d like to ensure you can find the information you need to use Remote Desktop Services, so here’s a quick roundup of the available resources and when they’re appropriate.

Most important: please ask questions in the support forums, not in the blog comments. The support forums are much more widely seen than blog comments, so asking in the right place both increases your chance to get an answer and helps others who might have a similar issue find the answer. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for posting...I'm looking for guidance around building an HA RDS licensing environment but can't find it in teh above links.  I'm using RDS CALs as well as an External Connector, and i'm looking for best practices (put all tokens on server1 and let server 2 only issue temp licenses, split tokens between server1 and server2, etc.)  Is there published info that addresses this scenario for WS08 R2?  

  • Hi, Mack,

    Looks like you found our support forums and got your answer in this thread: As you saw, the support forums are the best place to ask any technical questions for which yo ucna't find the answer.

  • Where would the best place for asking questions on programming the RDS controls? Like where are certain properties available at?

  • Hi, Prshaw. To learn more about the RDS API. I'd recommend that you read MSDN. Our Code Gallery site for developers is here: That site has some samples and documents, and I've linked to the MSDN sites (including the support forums, if you have a specific question) on the main plage of the Code Gallery site.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Resource Kit  is very good book and its written in such a nice way that anyone can understand the concept of RDS and VDI.

    Thanks Christa !!!



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