Get started with Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server "8" Beta

Get started with Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server "8" Beta

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For Windows Server “8” Beta, the Remote Desktop Services documentation team has written topics that you can use to evaluate and deploy Remote Desktop Services within your environment. We will cover Windows Server “8” Beta enhancements in future blog posts.

Following is a list of all the Remote Desktop Services documents that were published to coincide with the Windows Server “8” Beta release:

For more information, see the Remote Desktop Services Overview Page.


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  • I recently installed Windows Server 8 Consumer Preview with high expectations from watching the Build2011 videos.  They strongly implied that RemoteFX on RDSH will be the same as for RDVH.

    However I'm poking around and it seems that RDSH still has a RemoteFX lite edition and RDVH might still have the full version.  I even installed a AMD FirePro v5800 in my test server and forced RemoteFX to use the AMD GPU and not the software driver via GPO.  There also doesn't seem to be USB redirection in RDSH.

    Has anyone seen otherwise?  What did I configure improperly?

  • Since tsadmin and tsconfig have been removed how is an administrator to manage multiple users on multiple servers in a farm? More to the point how would you shadow multiple users on different servers?

  • @TSADmin - Allegedlly from the docs....The legacy Remote Desktop administration tools, including Remote Desktop Services Manager, Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration, and the Connection Manager interface for configuring Connection Broker have been replaced in Windows Server "8" Beta with the RDMS administration console. All administrative functions that were previously performed with these tools are now accomplished by using the RDMS plugin into Server Manager.

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