Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012 Features Listing

Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012 Features Listing

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Hey this is Klaas… We just published a pretty extensive post on Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012. I laid out a pretty significant list of the most desired features that our customers and partners asked for related to the top pain points that we resolved in this release. This post sets the stage for a series of deep dives that will follow here on the Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) Team Blog.

We hope that you find this post useful and illuminating. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions here or over on the Windows Server Blog. We want to hear from you. Also, if you have any suggestions for topics or questions about specific features in Remote Desktop Services, let us know. We want to make sure you are continuing to derive value from the Remote Desktop Services blog.

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  • at our customer site, 3dsmax and autodesk is used. They are very interested in remoteFX which enables vGPU however the games they develop donot perform well on remoteFX.

    There are two main challenges a) Performance and 2nd) Compatibility of vGPU WDDM device which is not reconginised by most of the graphic packages.

    Performance is in fact disappointing check to see the benchmarks where it lies almost at the bottom:

    I hope calista technologies acquired by MS to develop this remoteFX is working on increasing it's power further in the upcomming 2012 version.

    Any insights on this would be apprecated.

  • The Ipad how to connect to a virtual desktop

    Android on how to connect to virtual desktops

    Windows Phone 7.5 how to connect to virtual desktops

  • Hi RDS Team

    First i most say that the new RDS in 2012 is looking absolut perfectly.... :-)

    I have tried to make a setup in Server 8 beta and there i came across one thing i hope you can take with you in the final release and that is the new roaming profile as a vhd disk. Could it be possible to make a change so the disk name is the TS users full or a name with the users initials inside, so it is easy to find a users roaming profile?

  • How to change the work resources name on the rdweb?

  • Did you ever determine how to change the 'Work Resources" at the top of RDweb?  You previously would modify this to be the org name - but I cannot find that in Server 2012

  • Just wanted to add on to the requests for HOW TO CHANGE THE DEFAULT "WORK RESOURCES" name in 2012 Remote Desktop services.  I saw a small comment that referred to making changes in the WMI Class, but there wasn't anything specific enough to actually find where to look.

  • Hi.

    Did I do something wrong when setting up test win2012-based RDSH or there is no more remote control of other users sessions in this new server OS?

    No controls in server manager, no options in context menu in task manager letting one to control other sessions.

    Trying remote control of a session running on win2012-based RDSH from 2008 r2 remote services manager gives an "Access Denied" error.

  • @Stephen Ashworth

    You can change the Workspace name "Work Resources" by using PowerShell:

    First import the module RemoteDesktop and then use the following command:


       Set-RDWorkspace [-Name] <string> [-ConnectionBroker <string>]  [<CommonParameters>]

  • @nickthesun

    The Remote Control (shadowing function) has been removed from Windows Server 2012

  • My one client uses the Remote Control feature a lot. It is easier and faster for a manager to Remote Control into a sales person's session to approve discount or cancel a sale than it is to walk to the relevant station.

    Will Remote Control be brought back with Server 2012 SP1?

  • who was the a... hole, idiot, moron who made the decision at Microsoft of taking out Remote Control (shadowing function) from Windows Server 2012...


  • Totally agree with above post.  Remote Desktop shadowing is essential.   Right now, our only solution is for one person on the server (RDP) to run Go To Meeting to connect to the other person/session on the same server.  Outragous, but cannot do this any other way.

  • Why is it that when a RD user logs out widows server 2012 deletes the users file tree?  I do not believe that windows did this in the past.    How do I stop it from deleting these files automatically?  Also are there repercussions for not deleting them?  

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