RDP 8.0 Update for Windows 7 SP1 Released to Web!

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A few weeks back we detailed the RDP 8.0 update for Windows 7 SP1 and the scenarios it enables for Remote Desktop Services users.  Today, the entire RDV team is glad to announce that the update package is now on Windows Update and at the download center.

You can find installation and download instructions at KB2592687.

Download the update today to make your Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktop WAN ready with RDP 8 and RemoteFX. Do make sure you download and install update 2574819 before installing the RDP 8.0 update.


Note:To enable RDP 8.0 and experience all the new WAN improvements when connecting to Windows 7, you need to set the Enable RDP 8.0 Group Policy setting after installing the required update packages. For more information, see the “Installation instructions” section of KB2592687.

-Klaas Langhout, on behalf of the RDV team.

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  • I downloaded the update and tried to install it on a W7SP1 machine but it throws up a message about not being applicable.

  • hi Kabukiman - did you install KB2574819  first before installing the RDP 8.0 update?  The 'not applicable' error message is expected if you haven't installed KB2574819.


  • When I attempt to download the DTLS prerequisite, i get prompted to perform windows genuine advantage validation tool. After downloading the tool, I receive the following message and am unable to download and install the prerequisite:


    Windows Genuine Advantage


    This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer supported.  Please download the newest version and ensure that your system clock is accurate




    I have confirmed this behavior on three different computers.

  • I have installed the update on 3 windows 7 SP1 machines (Using windows update) and the outbound UDP works fine.  After enabling the GPO setting and rebooting there is no new firewall rule for inbound UDP 3389 and doing a netstat -a -p udp on a windows 7 machine it dose not show up as listening.

    If i create a manual UDP rule it still dosnt seem to show up as listening.

    When i do the same command on a windows 8 machine it shows up as listening on UDP 3389.

  • 2574819 cripples other rdp programs with security prompts, and rdp from win7 to other machines takes 15 seconds on each connection....uninstalling this update 2574819 fixes Rdp in windows and other 3rd party rdp tools.  What settings need to be changed/tweaked to fix these issues on Win7 with sp1?

  • How does it work with RDP Gateway? Is there any hotfix to make RDP Gateway   RDP-8.0 aware\compatible ?

  • Is Aero Glass transparency retained when connecting Windows 7 to Windows 7 at least?

  • Does this mean that RDPMan (by Julian Burger) will need to be updated to reflect the new features available in v8.0?

  • I get the same 'network licensing error' that I used to get before with RDP7.

    I now have RDP8 and DTLS patches on both the virtual guest and the remote machine running Windows 7 sp1.

    This is not a terminal services licensing issue. If I remove RemoteFX from the VM the RDP connection works.

    I do have RemoteFX working using a Windows 8 VM guest and Windows 8 client machine.

    The issue is with Windows 7 sp1. This update does not have me up and running.

  • Just to be precise. The error is:

    "The remote session ws disconnected becuase there were network problems during the licensing protocol"

    Once again there is no error if I disable RemoteFX. There is no error on Windows 8 pair with RemoteFX.

    I find other people with this error in the MS forums.

  • This is a problem for thousands of SBS2011 server who have Terminal server 2008 r2 (SBS 2011 Premium) as this hotfix 2574819 breaks RDP Gateway.

    Depreciates (not a good word) - 8.You cannot use the multi-touch and gestures functionalities when you connect to a computer remotely.


    You cannot use the multi-touch and gestures functionalities when you use Remote Desktop Connection Client 8.0 on a computer that is running Windows 7 SP1.....This does work for HP Terminal servers Win 2008 R2  that have surface added....so Microsoft takes away a feature.

    hotfix 2574819 needs to be stopped being rolled out.

  • hi  Out_theBack, Techtoysavvy - thanks for reporting the issues. can you please start a thread in the RDS web forum so that we can understand the setup better?

    RDS & TS Forum: social.technet.microsoft.com/.../threads


  • Hi, Techtoysavvy,

    Have you installed the Win8 Integration Components on the Win7 SP1 RemoteFX VMs? If not, you will see the error "The remote session was disconnected because there were network problems during the licensing protocol".

    To enable RemoteFX for Win7 SP1 VM on Windows Server 2012 host, Win8 IC must be deployed on Win7SP1 VM. Otherwise it is not supported.

  • Thanks Liexian!

    That did the trick. I updated the integration services. I had an older version.

  • Whats with the message "A website is trying to start a remote connection" I have seen others on differednt sites getting the same message and they to have un-installed to get rid of the annoying message

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RDP 8.0 Update for Windows 7 SP1 Released to Web!