RDP 8.0 Update for Windows 7 SP1 Released to Web!

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A few weeks back we detailed the RDP 8.0 update for Windows 7 SP1 and the scenarios it enables for Remote Desktop Services users.  Today, the entire RDV team is glad to announce that the update package is now on Windows Update and at the download center.

You can find installation and download instructions at KB2592687.

Download the update today to make your Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktop WAN ready with RDP 8 and RemoteFX. Do make sure you download and install update 2574819 before installing the RDP 8.0 update.


Note:To enable RDP 8.0 and experience all the new WAN improvements when connecting to Windows 7, you need to set the Enable RDP 8.0 Group Policy setting after installing the required update packages. For more information, see the “Installation instructions” section of KB2592687.

-Klaas Langhout, on behalf of the RDV team.

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  • it seems to have fixed this issue;


  • You people need to have your head examined!  Who ever thought it was a good idea to have this update display a warning (“A website is trying to start a remote connection.”) everytime you connect using the ActiveX should be fired.  Why don't you provide a way to turn this ANNOYING message off?

  • The KB2574819 and KB2592687 have caused serious problems for our end users.  

    KB2574819  - displays the annoying "website is trying to connect" message  -  We need a way to disable this

    KB2592687  - disables monitoring an active session of another user remotely by using the Shadow command (Remote Control) - We need either need this enabled or need a new method to accomplish shadowing without the shadowed users knowledge (remote assistance requires the shadowed users knowledge)

    Can you please let us know how we can resolve these issues?

    We are currently having to back out both of these updates in order to keep our customers running.

  • Hi! I'm a Mac user. Are you planning to release a RDP 8 compatible client for Mac OS X?


  • We are having an issue on W7 SP1 with GPsvc not starting after installing kb2592687. It appears to change the GPsvc accout to GPSvcGroup and this causes failure for the service until the security entries in registry are added for GPsvcGroup.

    Do you have any reason as to why we would be experiencing this behavior?

  • Why do we lose Aero Glass Remoting and Shadow command on remote Windows 7 PCs after installing the RDP 8.0 update. This is so unacceptable that I refuse to install it on any Windows 7 computers.

  • No thin client support, which you would think would be the most likely target of the update.  I guess they want you to buy Win 8.

  • With ths version 8 of RDP printers do not redirect on windows 2000 Terminal Server.  There are not even any system event messages!

  • Caution! This Update seems to corrupt Windows 7. See e.g. here:


  • This seems to solve the problem with the "Windows could not connect to Group Policy Client services" error pop-up: http://youtu.be/4m5KEmckWK4

    It would be nice if MS could look into this issue and comment.

  • I was fighting for RDP performance after installing this hot fix its resolved my problem .

    We need to install below hot fix in sequence.



  • There is Mic redirection issues ,

    below are the steps to overcome,


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RDP 8.0 Update for Windows 7 SP1 Released to Web!