RemoteFX vGPU Setup and Configuration for Windows Server 2012

RemoteFX vGPU Setup and Configuration for Windows Server 2012

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I’m happy to let everyone know that thanks to Claus Emrich, we now have a TechNet Wiki post about how to set up and configure a RemoteFX virtual graphics processing unit (vGPU) using Windows Server 2012. This guide includes an overview of what RemoteFX vGPU is, what the requirements are, and how to install and configure it.

For all the details, see the RemoteFX vGPU Setup and Configuration Guide for Windows Server 2012.


—The RDS Team

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  • It seems the only things Microsoft talks about is on a Server.  I had Remotefx on a previous Windows 7, but can't find the code for Windows 8.

  • Hello

    I have been running some test in lab with Dell R720 to install Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V CORE. The server has NVidia Grid K1, I run into a problem installing its driver, error came showing missing .dll file. Surprisingly I was able to add "RemoteFX 3D video adapter". But still counter a problem at the user side for:

    1- Remoting using RemoteFX

    2- Dual monitors

    3- Virtual Machine showing "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" driver date 6/21/2006 and digital signer: "MS Windows" that is a default driver!

    Any one has experience with MS Win server 2012 core, please recommend solution.



  • Have you seen anything like this?

    RemoteFX Display Problems with Windows 8.1 VM but not Windows 7 VM on Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V VDI Server:

    After many, many, hours of wading through and eliminating potential variables the issue has been narrowed down to being present with a Windows 8.1 VM and not on Windows 7 VM.

    The problem is with glitchy display issues (Random Pixellation, Fuzzy Screen areas, Entire Screen filled with random shapes/colors etc.).  

    This is a Server 2012 R2 environment it is running Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Host.

    An Nvidia Quadro K2200 adapter has been enabled for RemoteFX and passed through.

    Also have tried Nvidia Grid K2 adapter. Both adapters use same driver set and multiple driver versions have been tested.

    Two Generation 1 VM's have been created.  One for WIndows 8.1, One for Windows 7.  All updates installed.

    Each VM uses the same set of Hyper-V resources, Virtual Switch etc.  (The settings for each VM are the same).

    With RemoteFX disabled on each VM the issue is not present on either VM.

    With RemoteFX enabled on each VM the issue is present on the Windows 8.1 VM and not the Windows 7 VM.

    There is no difference if only one VM at a time is enabled and running.  (Not GPU load related)

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