Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Demo

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Demo

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Hi, my name is Omair Gillani and I’m a program manager on the Remote Desktop team. We are very excited about the overwhelming interest we are receiving for the Azure RemoteApp preview.

For those who would like to try the user experience this new service provides, we created a user demo . This trial provides five minute-access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications running on Azure RemoteApp. The only pre-requisite for access is to have a Microsoft account (i.e.,

Here are the steps to access the user demo:

  1. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, please sign up here for free.
  2. Visit
  3. Click on ‘Experience RemoteApp Now
  4. System will automatically detect your device and then you can download the RemoteApp access client for your device.
  5. Once client is installed, you can log on with your Microsoft account and access applications running real time on Azure RemoteApp.

Your opinion matters. At the end of each session, you will see a dialog box for your feedback. If you have a minute, tell us your thoughts and let us know whether you would like Microsoft to contact you for additional information.

A few items to be aware of (we will update this post to include others):

  1. Due to blocked outbound HTTPS, some of our customers have reported issues connecting to the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp demo. The service requires that outbound HTTPS access be allowed for the following DNS\port (in addition to port 443) in the customer’s corporate web proxy and firewall:
    • DNS *
    • Allow HTTPS access to port range (10101-10175) for the above DNS.
  2. As this is a controlled environment to try out the experience, we have not enabled external internet access from the published demo applications.  As such, services such as OneDrive are not accessible.

Thank you for your interest in Azure RemoteApp. Please visit the Azure RebmoteApp wesite to learn more about this new service and Azure RemoteApp Forum for assistance and support.  

-The Remote Desktop Team

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  • Humm... It can be accessed with Andriod and iPhone but not WinPhone? When I visit the site with my Lumia 920, it said "Microsoft RemoteApp doesn't work with your device. Please use a supported device.", and then there's no corresponding option when I clicked "See all clients".

    Did I do something wrong there?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the RemoteApp solution for providing a path to use multiple applications without increasing the on-premise resources. I am very interested in RemoteApp and wish to know about its pros and cons. So I request to post more details regarding the deployment scenario on RemoteApp. Thanks once again.

  • Where is the windows phone client ?????????????

  • Can we use a MS Access application in RemoteApp?

  • I see only office 2013 here. How do I publish more apps?

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