Here's a rather hacky script I wrote to bind fields marked up with Bootstrap's Typeahead plugin (see for the version I use) to Knockout.js observables. Feedback is very welcome.

// Bootstrap.Typeahead binding: presently requires custom version from gist:
// Use like so: data-bind="typeahead: { target: selectedNamespace, source: namespaces }"
ko.bindingHandlers.typeahead = {
  init: function(element, valueAccessor) {
    var binding = this;
    var elem = $(element);
    var value = valueAccessor();

    // Setup Bootstrap Typeahead for this element.
      source: function() { return ko.utils.unwrapObservable(value.source); },
      onselect: function(val) {; }

    // Set the value of the target when the field is blurred.
    elem.blur(function() {; });
  update: function(element, valueAccessor) {
    var elem = $(element);
    var value = valueAccessor();

Update: Binding now uses only the valueAccessor, rather than looking for a separate 'source' binding. This is cleaner.