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When your buttons get pushed

When your buttons get pushed

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We all have buttons. They all get pushed once in a while. How we each handle these event triggers (pardon the geekspeak) is what I find fascinating. I wonder how many of us resort to blogging to blow off steam these days? (Most veteran bloggers advise strongly against this! But since when do we geeks ever take advice?)


Steve Jones (of fame) pushed one of my buttons with his editorial today: the value of classroom-based or instructor-led training.  Join the fray in the forum on the subject if you've got strong opinions (or not) about ATEC-type training, whether it's valuable (or not) and what can be done to improve formal training in general.


Of course, as both an MCT and a student, you can imagine my opinion on the subject.


I know it's not much for an inaugural blog post, but please accept my humble attempt and remember that you get what you pay for.  Heh.

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