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An obsessive-compulsive by any other name...

An obsessive-compulsive by any other name...

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I personally think that that Nick is a nom de plume and that the author actually lives in Houston, Tejas where I used to work with him in a previous life and he went by the super-secret nom de guerre of Kenneth. If the author's real name is Nick, it's frightening to think that there are two people like this on Earth at the same time...

Nick Tosches: Autumn and the Plot Against Me: On The Web (

It's good to have people like this around to remind me that I'm not really OCD (by comparison). Heh. If you really want to rattle his cage, ask him if he knows where all the Windows Vista wallpapers came from... It would make for entertaining commercials, much like those for Rozerem (the talking beaver and Abe Lincoln are comedy gold). "The Quest for Vista" or some such... a massively multiplayer scavenger hunt?

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