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But do you want to be great?

But do you want to be great?

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I can't remember the name of the Steven Seagal movie the title quote comes from (maybe the Demon Alz is creeping up on me?), but that's one of the many sugar plums that were dancing in my head as I read Janet's article What Makes a Good Programmer (SQLServerCentral).

I think her heart's in right place (below the Xyphoid Process and slightly to the left) and, although the article meanders a bit, it's worth reading. We both share an admiration of Steve McConnell's work... and an acknowledgement that it's good to be introspective about one's career choices occasionally.

Maybe the movie was "Hard to Kill"? As I recall, the answer to the question was yes and something about healing people. I guess I should fire up Netflix and suffer through all the old Seagal movies again; I'm sure I've done something lately to deserve such punishment.

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