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If I were in sales and Steve Jones were my customer...

If I were in sales and Steve Jones were my customer...

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First of all, fortunately for our shareholders (myself included!), I'm not in sales, technical or otherwise. Heh. Second, I consider Steve Jones (of fame) a good friend. So with the good sense of humor that one expects of such friends and all the other "this is supposed to be funny" caveats and addendums... Steve plays the role of Dilbert in last Sunday's strip (and I'm the not-so-intrepid sales guy).

Worst customer ever?

I'm sure that Steve's a great customer for most vendors. Heh. I've also very late on my promise to him to post the Top n DBA Reasons to Upgrade to SQL Server 2005 (even before he recommended that nobody upgrade until Katmai next year). There are some super cool DBA-oriented features in Yukon that we don't widely advertise or market to DBAs since they're not the ones who write the checks. [We seem to have forgotten that they're ones who are instrumental in whining until management does write the check, though.] Maybe I'll neglect my Xbox 360 some more (my shiny new 360 Elite misses me!) and try to get that done this week.

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