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How is that possible? I guess some people can't hold their caffeine...

How is that possible? I guess some people can't hold their caffeine...

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I've heard the expression, "can't hold her liquor" but she overdosed on a paltry seven expressos? Come on! Teenage girl rushed to hospital after overdosing on coffee (the Daily Mail). I think secretly she was just sickened by lousy tasting coffee and couldn't bring herself to tell her parents the truth.

The caffeine calculator says, "It will only take 144 Foosh mints to kill me?"

Driving back from Detroit late last Friday with my youngest brother (I won't bore you with why that became necessary), I had two 16oz Monsters, four Foosh mints and one really nasty tasting Sobe Adrenaline Rush in the space of an hour and a half... and I was still struggling to keep my eyes open after 18 hours of driving. Heh. It took a little Lipodrene (25mg of ephedrine alkaloids) to come to the rescue. What is the moral of the story? Avoid Sobe. The purple energy Monsters are OK, but I'm thinking that I'll stick with Foosh, Lipodrene and Mountain Dew LiveWire in the future.

Haven't done the Detroit-to-Houston drive since I was in college. Funny, we did it in less time than when I was twenty-something, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as I remembered it...

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