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Yet Another Disingenuous Headline? RDBMSes Obsolete?

Yet Another Disingenuous Headline? RDBMSes Obsolete?

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Let me see if I can translate this headline into English:

Relational database pioneer says technology is obsolete (Computer World)

"My new company couldn't compete in the relational world anymore, so I've invented a shiny new world so that I can claim that most of my life's work is now irrelevant and you can pay an exorbitant price for my new schtuff."

Hrm. What do we need so-called column-oriented databases for when we've already leapfrogged over them with multidimensional analysis in cube form?

The next logical step is not pivoting the ubiquitous table 90-degrees... it's extending OLAP into a storage engine and storing data in cells obviating the need for a backing relational store.

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