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Game on! Steve's going down...

Game on! Steve's going down...

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My buddy, one of the Steves, has gotten nostalgic for his girlish figure of yore... for reasons inexplicable to me. Round is a shape, right? He's very much in shape now! Come to think of it, so am I. *sigh*

But, because he likes to lose at contests, he has challenged me to a fitness duel:

Seriously, I used to be in Shape. (

All right, Walrus-boy. You're on. Heh.

One way or another, Steve's going down. He might lose weight in 2009, but I'll smoke him at the run and at the Marine Corps fitness test... and I can already touch my toes. Ongoing martial arts training gives me an edge. Hee-hee. Oh, wait a second... How far is half a marathon? Can't we race motorcycles or something?

I'll even up the ante: the man with the biggest reduction in BMI (without surgery) wins. As I calculate it now, mine's... No, really? 34.21? Almost Class 2 obesity. Doh. Round indeed.

FotR, I hate New Year's resolutions.

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