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PFT 1: Me 0 (belated January 2009 Update)

PFT 1: Me 0 (belated January 2009 Update)

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My fitness duel with Steve is ongoing, but I’m saddened by my progress to date. Nonetheless, the January-ish test (actually done on 2/2/2009) of my progress has hardened my resolve. I did manage to drop ~15# in January, but since I’ve still got another ~50# to drop in order to hit my goal weight by the marathon in June. (Wow, that seems like a long way to go and not very much time...)

I just want to say one thing: the elliptical machine lies!! I thought I was making awesome six-mile progress (it probably helped my cardio some and saved further knee damage), but there’s no way that it compares at all with running on the street. Ouch. Have to start taking more Advil pre-workout and running on the street exclusively to keep abreast of my current, actual running progress.

We did agree along the way (I have email to prove it!) to increase the challenge by adding pushups to the duel using the abdominal crunch column in the Marine PFT matrix to compute points, same 120-second time limit. Also, our three-mile run time in June will be computed as 1/4 of our half-marathon time. *cringe*

My beloved, blushing bride of nearly 17 years witnessed my attempt at the PFT (and mocked me as I richly deserved). At least after this many years, I still have somebody to go to the gym with and hold my ankles as I struggle through the ab crunches, despite my sweatiness. (I love you, Samia!) Any discrepancies between my age 18 record below and what DODMERB may have on file can be attributed to my middle-aged dementia.

Me (age 18) December 2008 January 2009 January 2009 Point Total




Lower than Steve’s – I win!!!

Dead-hang Pull-ups


0 (fail)



Abdominal Crunches in 120-seconds





Pushups in 120-seconds





3-Mile Run





** Almost, but still FAIL. *sigh*

Since we added an “event” to the challenge, and my performance is substandard compared with the Marine Corps PFT matrix in three out of four, I’ve got a whopping 57 of 400 possible points.


Back to the gym... Will register for the marathon tomorrow to get the early entrance fee.

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