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  • Blog Post: Tough decision. Should I share this with my son?

    This summer, my oldest son (age 9) has been plowing through every book in the library on electronics, robotics and astronomy that he can convince the public library to check out to him. His current fixation is BattleBots, because he hasn’t solved the “Earth orbit is a long way up” problem, yet. For the...
  • Blog Post: Ooops. Better luck next time!

    Another Tunguska might’ve been fun! Space rock gives Earth a close shave Of course, a mass extinction might have been less fun, so let’s not and say we did?
  • Blog Post: Nearly 7 billion witnesses, and nobody saw nuthin'...

    Wow. We all need to look UP once in a while, people. "Anyone who went outside that night and looked towards the constellation of Puppis would have seen it," Saxton says. The Exploding Star That Everyone Missed ( Maybe everybody saw a new shiny thing and chalked it up to another visiting...
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