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  • Blog Post: Live Mesh to the, uh, rescue?

    One of my alleged New Year’s resolutions was to clean out the blogging back log. I have a bad habit of highlighting something on a web page, whacking the Live Toolbar button for “blog this” and letting my witty repartee rot in a folder somewhere in Documents. No more! I will have the “now habit” from...
  • Blog Post: Tweeting AdventureWorks?

    Earlier this week, the gravitational pull of Twitter got the better of me. Jimmy May emailed me that Paul Nielsen was trying to sort out the gender of the fictitious IT Manager of AdventureWorks (Jean Trenary) for the next edition of the SQL Server Bible and was tweeting on the subject. One thing led...
  • Blog Post: How do I make a Mobile Tag for /dev/null?

    I’m not going to say that the fact I broke down and joined Twitter in a moment of weakness today made me think of /dev/null... it’s probably just a coincidence. Meh. A new tagging system? I wonder how much visual appeal had to the need for this instead of old-fashioned barcodes? If we can process these...
  • Blog Post: Now that's funny! Air Force RoE for Blogging?

    My tax dollars at work. Trust the military to "document" something that's already available from any reputable PR agent. Heh. I guess not everybody gets to be an astronaut, fighter pilot or superhacker in the Air Force. The Air Force’s Rules of Engagement for Blogging (
  • Blog Post: Bad data models can happen to good people.

    What seems like one person's "good" natural key can make another person wish like the dickens that that somebody had used a synthetic key, eh? I was happily blogging away ( elsewhere ), when I encountered this fun little, specific (but unhelpful) error from Windows Live Writer: Server Error...
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