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  • Blog Post: How do I make a Mobile Tag for /dev/null?

    I’m not going to say that the fact I broke down and joined Twitter in a moment of weakness today made me think of /dev/null... it’s probably just a coincidence. Meh. A new tagging system? I wonder how much visual appeal had to the need for this instead of old-fashioned barcodes? If we can process these...
  • Blog Post: Voice Command: FORMAT C: [ENTER]

    Well, that’s how the joke used to go about Vista voice command... Apparently somebody thought it would be fun to actually implement something similar in their mobile o/s. On purpose or not. Heh. The bug can hardly be called a security problem, given it requires access to the handset, but the fact that...
  • Blog Post: How do you spot tourists in Seattle?

    When we moved to Redmond, I was told that you can always spot the tourists up here: they're the ones carrying the umbrellas. Heh. It's rarely enough of a downpour to justify the hassle, just a light mist most of the time (OK, nearly all the time except for January and June); it's definitely not like...
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