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  • Blog Post: Gender neutral code? Srsly?

    Admittedly being from Mars, my reaction to the this little piece is predictable... I won't bore you with my witty repartee (yes, that's a redundant phrase) involving Emma, my code and a kitchen. (Yes, I'm pretty much overdue for sensitivity training, and when my wife reads this, I'll be back in the doghouse...
  • Blog Post: One thing leads to another... leads to fired?

    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to get out when people start sending me links like this: 10 Signs Your Company Wants You Gone ( Why Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Telework ( If the second one is actually #11 from the first...? C'est la vie. Heh. Should be fun picking...
  • Blog Post: The synchronicity is frightening...

    The synchronicity is frightening, especially considering that I just made time last night to finish all 45 achievements in Mass Effect for another 1,000 points... It almost like Randall's always there: just watching me. <insert_scary_ghost_noise /> Randall routinely channels my life @
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