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  • Blog Post: Michael Crichton: RIP. We’ll miss you.

    Loved the books, Michael. We’ll miss all the ones that you didn’t to write. The novelist passed away in Los Angeles after a private battle with cancer. His family said the death was unexpected. Author Michael Crichton Dead at 66 ( Catch up with you on the Other Side™.
  • Blog Post: Fictional characters with autism

    Not exactly mainstream fiction, or even mainstream scifi, but it’s based on an Xbox game published by MSGS. Mass Effect: Ascension The central character (not the protagonist) is described as having autism and several parts of the book are from her perspective. I thought it was interesting and a generally...
  • Blog Post: Now playing in my Zune podcasts... Escape Pod

    After finally making time to explore the 'cast inventory in the new Zune client*, I've found a few that I'm catching up on (my politically-oriented, paid-for 'casts notwithstanding). Escape Pod is first (Ask a Ninja will be second) and I just listened to EP107 which was a dramatic reading of a Hugo Award...
  • Blog Post: Internet vigilante justice?

    I'm not advocating mob justice generally; however, this is the *only* case in which I can remember the media even coming close to a retraction of it's horribly biased, agenda-based drivel. "They" put up unresearched stories full of unnecessary ambiguity and emotionally-loaded 'nonsense' (to...
  • Blog Post: Big brother (or SkyNet) is coming... to a PC near you.

    I loved the book 1984 , even though it was almost 1984 by the time I read it. The fact that the date was around the corner and technology wasn't anywhere close kind of took the punch out of the story. I guess it didn't scare me the way it scared "previous generations" (to put it politely)....
  • Blog Post: Alien? No way. Blade Runner was far better.

    MSN's Cadillac of... promotion offers three choices for "best science fiction movie": Alien 2001: A Space Odyssey Blade Runner I'm not even sure why 2001 is on that list. Must be a nod to the geriatric crowd, eh? (Just kiddink!) Alien seems to be the hands-down winner so far, despite the fact...
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