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  • Blog Post: This is what happens to Twits™ with weak passwords...

    Whoops. Or perhaps Twitter has a feed injection bug that’s been exploited? Maybe Anna Kournikova’s eponymous worm has a new Twitter-focused incarnation? Who knows? Maybe the good folks @ the Code Project really do want to help out on the biological front? Heh.
  • Blog Post: If it wasn’t in California, this might have gotten me to choose UC Berkeley.

    Well, besides the locale barrier (for politico-moral reasons of my own), there’s the teensy fact that I’m decades past being interested in attending university courses as an alternative to being gainfully employed. But places like FullSail and Digipen didn’t exist Back in My Day™, either, when I was...
  • Blog Post: Tweeting AdventureWorks?

    Earlier this week, the gravitational pull of Twitter got the better of me. Jimmy May emailed me that Paul Nielsen was trying to sort out the gender of the fictitious IT Manager of AdventureWorks (Jean Trenary) for the next edition of the SQL Server Bible and was tweeting on the subject. One thing led...
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