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  • Blog Post: Goodbye, Outlook Tasks!

    When I first met Peter Bregman, he was on his book tour speaking at Microsoft Research. In 2012. He tried to convince me to give up Outlook Tasks for managing all the stuff that I wasn’t doing. His logic was sound. He repeatedly pointed out that “It’s a myth. You can’t do it all!” I wasn’t yet ready...
  • Blog Post: Infer this, Cortana!

    I’ve needed a personal assistant for a long time, but I don’t rate one here at Microsoft. (I married powerful woman with her own agenda and a workload *at least* triple my own who needs her own personal assistant, so I won’t get any sympathy there.) Enter Cortana. Windows Phone 8.1 will be bringing a...
  • Blog Post: The Real Cost of Mobile Development

    I’m putting together (for my own edification) a list of tooling that folks developing for phones and tablets thinks are “must have” on the major platforms for line of business (LOB) applications. If you are doing LOB mobile development for Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, iOS, and/or Android, drop me a note...
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