August, 2004

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    Driving to ZBB

    With the successful release of Whidbey Beta1 a few weeks ago, we’re now moving toward Beta2. The next key milestone between now and Beta2 is “ZBB.” It is critical to close down on open issues during the drive to ZBB, because doing so significantly impacts...
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    Driving our security push

    I’ve been spending the past two weeks focusing on pulling together our security efforts for Whidbey. See Soma's blog on security in our division. We have scheduled a multi week period before our Beta2 when the whole division will be focusing on security...
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    Rick James RIP while the Dev Div VBLs live on under the careful guidance of the true Release Manager….

    Funk legend Rick James passed away at age 56 last week. Please join me in a moment of silence to remember the Super Freak of Funk… Developer Division VBL (Virtual Build Lab). The concept of Virtual Build Labs is replicating...
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    Releasing the Bits

    Since we started this blog I have spent some time updating my music collection. In fact, as I type this I am listening to the band “Shadow’s Fall”, really, really loud. There is nothing like some aggressive guitars to help stir the creative...
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    Mike's Intro

    Where to begin… I am one of the Program Managers working on the release of Whidbey. I started at Microsoft just over 9 years ago and I have been working on the Developer Division Release team for just over 2 years now. Prior to the DevDiv Release...
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    What is "Shiproom"?

    Many I’m sure have heard the “Warteam” meetings at Microsoft and probably about as many stories to go along with them. Here in the Developer Division (DevDiv from here on out…shorter to type) we have a meeting called “Shiproom”...
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