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    Chris Dias

    Hi! I am the Group Program Manager for the Developer Division Release Team. I started at Microsoft a little more than 10 years ago doing product support (answering the phones) for Visual Basic 3.0, with a little 1.0, 2.0, and VBDOS thrown in for fun....
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    Natalie's back from leave

    I just came back from a 5 month parental leave two weeks ago. I was terrified of the first week back; everyone told me it will be hard to all-of-the-sudden be away from my baby girl, but that it will get better later. It wasn’t as bad as I had prepared...
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    Introducing the Developer Division Release Team

    I suppose the first place to start in writing this blog is to begin with an introduction, including; who is part of the team, what is the “release“ team, and why they are so important for shipping software. At the 30,000 foot view, the...
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