April 24th SQLSaturday Workshop in Atlanta GA on CDC and Merge Replication

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA area Saturday April 24th, check out SQLSaturday.  Its a great way to meet with other SQL Server professionals listen to some great presentations.  Some presenters are international speakers seen in SQL PASS, some are local from the Atlanta area.  Me, I’m from Microsoft SQL Escalation Services team in Charlotte, NC.  Below are the 2 presentations I’ll be delivering.


Introduction to Change Data Capture

This sessions provides a walk through of Microsoft's newest SQL Replication feature called Change Data Capture (CDC). Sessions covers overview of CDC, setting up CDC and using various CDC functions to retrieve list of data changes. CDC is often used by data warehouse applications to retrieve list of SQL insert and updates for a given time window.

Introduction to Merge Replication

This sessions provides an overview of Merge Replication. Areas covered include setting up Merge Replication, configuring dynamic filtered subscribers, performing sychronization over the Internet.http://www.sqlsaturday.com/schedule.aspx?eventid=48