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  • Blog Post: ReplTip – Setting LogScanThreshold can result in LogReader failure

    Content provided by Sateesh Yele, Microsoft SQL Escalation Services BOL/MSDN documents –Logscanthreshold as “internal use only”. -LogScanThreshold scan_threshold Internal use only. Other blog postings imply how to adjust this setting...
  • Blog Post: ReplTalk – Oracle Publishing Error ORA-01455

    by Chris Skorlinski, Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Oracle Publishing, now deprecated in SQL Server 2014, provides ability to use Oracle server as a Transactional Replication Publisher to a Microsoft SQL Server subscriber. Oracle Publishing Overview
  • Blog Post: Impact on Log Reader Agent after reindex operations

    Impact on Log Reader Agent after reindex operations José Moreira Neto Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Engineer Certain table reindex operations, like online reindex or reindex operation while database is running in full recovery model, will create large amounts of transaction log records in the database...
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