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Exploring a Multicore OS: BarrelFish, a FREE OS From Microsoft!

Exploring a Multicore OS: BarrelFish, a FREE OS From Microsoft!

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BarrelfishInteresting paper on Multicore OS,, this is paper that describes an architecture of an OS built from the ground up for multi-core.  Linux, FreeBSD (or whatever Apple is currently using) and Windows all have an architecture based on a world of single core.

This paper:

  • Introduces the multikernel model and the design principles of explicit communication, hardware-neutral structure, and state replication, and has statistics that demonstrate the scalability and adaptability to hardware characteristics using commodity devices.

To download the O/S go to the site and get the latest!

Let me know what you think!

  • Wow, really cool to see this sort of knowledge disseminated from Microsoft Research!

  • Thank you Mike!  Barrelfish is really cool, I hope to start a working group here in the US!  If you are student (attendiing college), a life long learner, or a hobbyist, let me know.  The group is looking for PhDs, but I am looking for people who have fun doing software and thinking about new things, but may not have had 12 years that they devote to getting a PhD.

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