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This is the end, my friend, of cache memory in multi-core operating systems!

This is the end, my friend, of cache memory in multi-core operating systems!

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Yep, multicore computers require lots of cache memory to store small amounts of the operating system.  This causes bottle necks, take up precious space on the CPU dice (chip) and there will come a time when it ends.  The new ground up operating system code named bottlefish is a way to test a new idea around an operating system that uses messaging rather than memory cache.

Think about it, as the processor boots, it quickly determines which components are ready for use, response time to messages and then configures itself for the optimum operation.  Then the processors use a central database or memory to messaging the other cores, rather than the current process of using cache to store a partial representation of the system at anytime.


Download Bottlefish and be the coolest on your virtual block.  

  • Shared memory bus saturation occuring in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

  • The Barrelfish Operating System

  • Thanks for the link to my web site, however whilst I've no problem with the extra traffic, as Thomas points out, I think you mean to type Barrelfish (bottlefish being nothing to do with Operating Systems, everything to do with diving and camera work)

  • Oops. I like bottlefish.  Must be thinking about taking my vacation and doing some diving.  Since many of my readers do get a summer vacation, then hopefully they will use bottlefish to help out with their vacation fun!

    I snorkel and surf quite a bit.  Feel free to keep reading my blog as well.

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