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Does the Math add-in for MS Word and OneNote work in Office 2013/Office 15

Does the Math add-in for MS Word and OneNote work in Office 2013/Office 15

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Yep.  Oh, maybe you haven’t heard about this great tool that has been quietly released by Research, not sure why they are so quiet about it.  If you are student or even engineer or researcher, this tool is freaking awesome.

And it is unfortunate but Live Writer works with the Microsoft blogsite but not MS Word.  Oh well.

Anyway to download this cool math tool go to:

For more tools like that see:

  • I think you're mistaken. the link you provided only works for the 2007/2010 version of Word and OneNote.

  • Anyone know how to make this work for 2013?

  • I believe that it's already 2013.  The shortcut to auto initiate is Alt+=.  If not it is in the insert menu.  Big difference I see now is that it is not allowing you to calculate.  In 2010 it did but now, I have to calculate outside in Microsoft Math and then paste back in.  I used the smiley face already to report the missing feature.  I wonder if I will get a response.

  • Yes, they have released an updated version for 2013 that solves equations and everything.

  • is it backward compatable? will it work with word 2003?

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