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Sam Stokes writes about Research in a way that is accessibile by students in College or considering their College/University Career or someone who is a life long learner!

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  • Blog Post: Looking into Automata? Here is a free Tool Kit for Automata

    Find out what Automata is and how you can use it in your current career or future career.  You will need Windows 7 and .NET version 4.0 (free) and you will need to at lease download the free version of Visual Studio Ultimate, if you are student get it from MSDNAA or Dreamspark Premier.  The...
  • Blog Post: Free Thinking--Probability: What was the chance that I would write about probability?

    You might be in need of a paper idea for your research and you are desperate. Well if you came to this site in desperate need of something worthwhile, well then was is the probability that there is anything useful on this page? To determine the probability of successfully finding useful information...
  • Blog Post: Boogie in your browser? Try this Intermediate Verification Language

    Boogie Nights. Interesting movie, had nothing to do with software, unless we consider those web sites we darn not mention. You know what I mean. Ok what is an Intermediate Verification Language? Microsoft Research has been created a tool called boogie which is intended as a layer on which to build...
  • Blog Post: Why can’t students earn digital rewards for being awesome?

    Seriously, what’s the difference between an A and a B?  Some random selection of skills that can be gamed?  Why not just convert learning into series of digital rewards? Unlocking Academic Success with Frame Games for Learning , RIT’s approach to using Digital rewards. This is a great idea...
  • Blog Post: Diabetes without needles? A contact lens?

    Frankly I do not like contact lenses, but this video shows the work being done by Microsoft Research If you know anyone with diabetes and has to test their blood, this is a fantastic idea!  
  • Blog Post: Research: What is Automated Reasoning

      If we are going to discuss software engineering over time, then we got to start with the basics.  The reference for this is at: Combination of logics (e.g., modal logics, logics in AI, ...); Combination of constraint solving techniques (unification and matching...
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