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Sam Stokes writes about Research in a way that is accessibile by students in College or considering their College/University Career or someone who is a life long learner!

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  • Blog Post: Kinect: Motion capture for all using the KinÊtre system

    Check this video out, it’s amazing!  Trying to figure if the library is available for use:
  • Blog Post: List of 5 modes of Web Use

    What are the top 5 ways people use search engines and the web for? Purposeful Use When users wish to accomplish a task quickly and efficiently. They may fire up a laptop or turn on their mobile phone in order to do so. Opportunistic Use Using the Web as a form of past time. Rather than going online to...
  • Blog Post: Socio-Digital Systems: Making complex lives less complex!

    Microsoft has a whole group of PhDs that are working on the idea of elegant technologies for you to use to make your life less complex.  This fits into the philosophy of the Windows Phone 7: Use it less and get more out of the phone.  The mission of the Socio=Digital Systems is to bring together...
  • Blog Post: Performance modeling of applications like MediaPlayer

    How do you create performance models for complex applications like MediaPlayer? Or better yet, what is the answer to the question: “What happens to the performance of my favorite application X if I upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?” Well when it comes to Vista, I think you might...
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