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  • Blog Post: Kinect Launches a Surgical Revolution. Will someone define a revolution?

    Link: Kinect Launches a Surgical Revolution I don’t know, is this a revolution or an innovation?  President Obama’s Healthcare plan is definitely revolutionary, whether you agree with it or not.  In fact that is usually a way to tell if something is revolutionary: Lot’s of disagreement. ...
  • Blog Post: What is the mood of the social networks?

    Microsoft Research, using have worked out a process to take the “pulse” of the emotions of the social networks. This is important, especially with the Presidential election coming up.  For example some of the exit surveys for big races will show one thing and then the voters do something...
  • Blog Post: This is the end, my friend, of cache memory in multi-core operating systems!

    Yep, multicore computers require lots of cache memory to store small amounts of the operating system. This causes bottle necks, take up precious space on the CPU dice (chip) and there will come a time when it ends. The new ground up operating system code named bottlefish is a way to test a new idea around...
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