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Sam Stokes writes about Research in a way that is accessibile by students in College or considering their College/University Career or someone who is a life long learner!

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  • Blog Post: Kinect: Motion capture for all using the KinÊtre system

    Check this video out, it’s amazing!  Trying to figure if the library is available for use:
  • Blog Post: Natural User Interface: A future computing para-dig-m or para-dig-it?

    Wow, NUI, this is the thing for anyone starting out in exploring computer science.  Check out the NUI page at Microsoft Research, one of the leaders in NUI: You will find research tools and other information on that site!
  • Blog Post: Changing your view: Rendering, what is it?

    We all live in a fantasy right?  RIGHT?  Oh, maybe it’s just me.  But what is Rendering?  At a technical level you might want to take a look at the paper at this URL If you are looking for a research paper to read, this...
  • Blog Post: Research: Kinect for Windows SDK beta

    For natural user interface researchers this is good news!  To be able to utilize the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta in research is going to lead to improvements in physical therapy, touchless data entry in sterile environments, as well as other unknown applications. I would recommend that you go to...
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