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September, 2008

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About Rexiology@MSDN

Welcome to Rex Tang's MSDN blog. Rex Tang is now working for Microsoft Consulting Service of Microsoft Japan. This blog will be focused on topics of technologies that is used while daily consulting works.

Although the main language using here will be English to be able to interact with the whole world, since Rex is working at Japan and coming from Taiwan, sometimes this blog will also have posts written in Japanese or Traditional Chinese.

This is a Microsoft Blog, and this is also a MSDN (developer) blog, so the main topics will be only on Microsoft related stuffs. For other stuffs related to Rex Tang (like life, fun stuffs, other technologies, etc), please refer to Rex Tang's personal blog at . Posts published here will also have a crosspost at work blog of Rex's personal site for backup and archive.

Thanks for visiting Rex's blog at MSDN blogs...

Rex Tang


  • Rexiology@MSDN

    Windows HPC Server 2008 RTMed!

    2008/09/22 marked the RTM day of Windows HPC Server 2008 , ranked top 23 of Top 500 as the Microsoft server for cluster computing. based on previous CCS server we made lots of improvements on the management abilities, also others. been a pilot tester...
  • Rexiology@MSDN

    CRM 4 Outlook Client Lost Connection Problem…

    Most of my testing CRM 4 environment were built upon Windows 2008 Server / IIS7 (both 32bit and 64bit) . The server and outlook client installation works fine without problems. started from this week I am making prototyping env. using Windows 2003 Server...
  • Rexiology@MSDN

    Enable CRM 4 URL QueryString Parameter Passing…

    It seems worked while CRM 3.0 that one can pass custom variables via URL’s querystring and use it while form’s onload event. but it’s not worked in CRM 4 by default now. to be able to do this, you have to tune the registry. Create a DWORD registry key...
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