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Random discussions about game development. Particularly math, physics, collision detection/response, and performance.
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My First Post

My First Post

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The first post... what should I talk about? I guess a little about me, and a little about what's coming up in the blog.

My name's Reza Nourai, and I'm a developer on the XNA Game Studio Team. I like video games... a lot! I like to play them, and I like to make them. I've grown particularly fond of the interactive part of games. Specifically, the interactions between objects and their environment, the physical simulation of these objects, and collisions and responses when they come into contact.

This blog is going to be a forum for discussing these topics. I'll share what I've learned and my thoughts on these things, with the goal of sparking enough discussion to make the blog interactive. Hopefully everyone feels compelled to comment and openly discuss these topics.

Thoughts for upcoming posts:

  1. Math Primer / Reference - Considering the amount of math that's involved in physics and collision algorithms, I think it's a good idea to refresh on these topics and build a reference for other posts.
  2. Series: Building a 3D Physics Engine - There are a lot of different approaches to building a physics engine. We'll look at one such approach in detail over the coarse of several posts. These will cover the overall software architecture, as well as the algorithms and equations to fill it all in. Throughout, we'll examine common performance pitfalls and approaches to speed these areas up.

I'm sure there'll be many others, and let me know if you have suggestions for other topics you'd like to see.

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