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Random discussions about game development. Particularly math, physics, collision detection/response, and performance.

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  • Blog Post: Math Primer Series: Rotation Representations and Quaternions

    We saw the power and usefulness of transforms in the previous primer posts, and we’ll be using them quite a bit in our discussions of physics and graphics. One of the first tasks we’ll need to do is determine how to represent our transformations in code. We’re going to be creating, manipulating, and...
  • Blog Post: Barycentric Coordinates and Point in Triangle Tests

    I know it’s been a little while since my last post, and I apologize. I’ll try and keep the posts a little more frequent moving forward. In the last post, we briefly encountered barycentric coordinates and loosely defined them as the coefficients of an affine combination. While that’s...
  • Blog Post: Math Primer Series: Vectors II: Vector Operations

      In the last installment of this math primer, we looked at the difference between points and vectors. Today, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into vectors, and the specific operations we can perform on them. More importantly, we’ll take a look at the geometric significance of the many operations...
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