This month's ISV Newsletter from Microsoft contained this bumper for Detours. 

Microsoft Detours: “I Wish I Had Deeper Hooks into Windows”

Developers can now significantly enhance their product features by taking greater advantage of Windows functionality through Microsoft Detours. Already, more than 50 ISVs have licensed this research project. Detours can be used to intercept 32-bit and 64-bit functions. For example, use Detours to create an automatic distributed partitioning system within your product. Or, use Detours to create file backups when file delete commands are issued. You can license commercial rights to incorporate and distribute Detours 32-bit and 64-bit functionality in your own product. The Detours package includes utilities, complete documentation of the Detours API, and a transactional model for attaching and detaching Detours.

A powerful technology especially when in the right hands.