This is my first blog and a bit of a somber and thankful one. I live just north of Tampa, Florida and moved down from New England about a year ago. For those that new me up there (about 40,000 developers), I'm OK. The hurricane missed me by about 100 miles. Still, that was too close for comfort. I was in Miami doing an MSDN event on Thursday 8/12 with a .NET Pub Club afterwards at Little Hoolies. I decided to drive the rental back that night rather than fly the next day to beat the hurricane. I got back at 3am. I woke up at 10am and soon found out I had to evacuate my condo for possible flooding as I live about a mile from the Gulf. I packed up my insurance papers and a suitcase full of clothes and placed all my photo albums and family video tapes up high on the kitchen table in case of flooding. It was a weird feeling locking the door behind me wondering if it will be there when I get back. I headed over to my Mom's place inland.

Around 1pm the hurricane became a category 4 (145 mph) and then changed direction by 2 degrees. So instead of hitting Tampa as projected, it hit a little further south in the Fort Myers area. This removed the flooding worries. We just had to now content with wind, twisters and rain. As it turns out, we did not get hit bad at all where I was (although we had a twister the next day about a mile from my condo) . It was not so fortunate for those in a 20 mile strip from Fort Meyers thru Orlando and onto Daytona. My prayers are with all of those who were in the path. I consider myself fortunate and a little lucky this time around!