I've had a few interesting weeks, as most of us have had in Florida, avoiding hurricanes. I came out OK in all of them. Hurricane Francis came right over me. Fortunately, it was only tropical storm strength at that point and I just had a few days of rain and wind. The road flooded out in front of my condo and my electricity went off and on about 5 times. I stayed in all of that weekend and did a hypercam of an upcoming session called 'Doing OO in VB.NET' and I made references to the hurricane during the taping. We will be giving this out at our MSDN events coming up starting in October- December (see http://msdnevents.com for your closest city).

Also, I finished my book ... Russ' Tool Shed - Tinkering with VS.NET which we also be giving out at the MSDN events (electronic format) on the Content DVD in October-Dec MSDN events. The EXE will be a self-extracting zip with the PDF of the book, TOC, PPT's, and code and even my theme song! The scripts to the demos are all in the book as are the setup instructions. So basically, it is a good number of my Tool Shed sessions in book format. I plan on making this available on the web for a minimal download fee of 10 dollars with a portion of the proceeds going to Take a Swing at Cancer. I will blog the URL when this is finalized. By  the way, I was in New England last weekend helping out with the Take a Swing at Cancer Softball Tournament and it was very successful. We raised over $20,000 to help the fight against cancer. Thanks to all of those that helped out and contributed! I need to get a softball tournament going in the Tampa area... Perhaps in February. So anyone that can help out let me know (reserving ballfields, company sponsor contacts, umpires, teams... etc).

I started playing with the .NET Pub Club site... just need the time to finish it. It will be a country wide resource when finished and you will be able to find out when and where the next ones are in your area. Thanks to Stan Schultes for showing me Dot Net Nuke 2.0 and setting up the site along with Johnson Services for hosting it... very cool product. 

My 'Live Studio Audience' Web cast experiments I did a couple of weeks ago were a huge success. I plan on doing 3 more (they will again be chapters from my book) in November if you want to mark you calendar... hope you can make the live studio audience tentatively in the MPR room in the Tampa Microsoft office. All will be from 4-5:30 pm EST. Perhaps we will do a .NET pub club after one or more of these.

November 8 - Chapter 6 - ASP.NET Tips and Tricks

November 10 - Chapter 7 - Base Class Libraries A-Z

November 11 - Chapter 9 - Migrating from VB6 to VB.NET

Procedures on registering for these in the live studio Audience are forthcoming. For now you can email me at: rfustino@microsoft.com

If you wish to just do the webcast (not in the studio audience) you can go to the  site : http://msdn.microsoft.com/training/webcasts/ (Although these events may not be out there yet either... when ever they post the November events they will be there).


As for the content in the MSDN events in Oct - Dec...

Mappoint programming


Performance Tuning ASP.NET 1.1

Membership and personalization in ASP.NET 2.0

Check http://msdnevents.com for all locations and dates in all parts of the country.

As for the ones in the Gulf States District I will be at:

10/12 - Fort Lauderdale

10/14 - Miami

10/26 - Sarasota

10/28 - Tampa

11/16 - Fort Myers

11/18 - West Palm Beach

12/7 - Jacksonville (Glen Gordon)

12/9 - Orlando (Glen Gordon)

12/14 - Jackson MS

12/16 - Birmingham AL


Hope to see you there. Remember, You have to know the code to get in the shed. KNOW THE CODE!