Here is what has been going on... I've organized it in to Community, Personal and Developer stuff... enjoy it!


I've got a Take a Swing at Cancer Introductory web site team meeting set for 12/8 from 6-8pm EST. If you are interested in getting some experience with DotNetNuke 3.0 and volunteering for a great group (I founded it!) drop me an email at and I will add you to the invite list. We will be doing this meeting over Live Meeting so you just need and Internet connection for your PC and a phone for your voice. btw... the site we will be re-vamping is

I saw the neatest Christmas ornaments made by Brenda Rueb, from the Melbourne. I met her at the Space Coast Professional Developer Association user group meeting. She made them from debris of the 3 hurricanes that hit that area and is giving the proceeds to Salvation Army and United Way. check it out at . I bought 5 of them.



I had a blast fishing with Joe Healy recently. It was raining, so the water police stopped by because there was no one else out in the bay (something to remember - don't go fishing in the rain). I had a buddy from Connecticut visiting that weekend. He did not have a fishing license. Mine, as it turns out, was expired over a month. And Joe forgot his boat registration on the kitchen table! We ordered our fishing licenses on the spot from a cell phone (which Joe somehow had on speed dial) and luckily he let us all go with just warnings.... Oh ya, i caught a nice sheep head that day.. 

I had a great Halloween... i dressed up as OZZY and went to Club Bourbon street.

I went to the .NET Rocks party in Vegas and had a great time with Carl Franklin, Rory Blyth and a host of developer influential's, MVP's and RD's. Here  are a few pictures from that event...

Developer stuff

My Book - "Tinkering with Visual Studio.NET" is available for download for either electronic ($15) and hard copy ($44.95) at . A portion of the proceeds will go to Take a Swing at Cancer.

My book is still available for free (electronic version) by attending an msdnevent in Nov or Dec. See for details on the upcoming events in your area. Here are the ones left for the gulf states. It is on the Fall MSDN Content DVD.

Mappoint Programming, OO Programming in VB.NET, ASP.NET Tuning and ASP.NET 2.0 Personalization and membership 1-5pm
12/7 – Jacksonville (Glen Gordon)
12/9 – Orlando (Glen Gordon)
12/14 - Jackson MS
12/16 - Birmingham AL

btw... here is our line up for Jan-Mar

1-5pm VS Team System (a killer session), Windows Forms Bonanza,  Troubleshooting ASP.NET
1/25 - Fort Lauderdale *
1/27 - Miami *
2/8  - Gainesville *
2/10 – Tampa *
3/1 - Boca (Michael Benkovich)
3/3 - West Palm Beach * (Michael Benkovich)
3/8 – Jacksonville
3/10 – Orlando
3/17 - Birmingham AL  *

visit to register

* indicates Pub Club to follow

As for the site... I have been continuing to work on this with MVP Stan Schultes and Mike Johnson to get this site up and running. I have kind of flushed it out for Florida. We are really just waiting for a stable DNN 3.0 beta or RTM to come out and finish it. I hope to make this a national site listing all the .NET Pub Clubs in the country. Oh ya, check out the photo story I put together at and click on the Sarasota (the original) .NET Pub Club photo story. It is about 6 meg. I did this with Digital Image Pro Suite and the Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition for editing it. I will be uploading one for each pub club city I was in 2004 to the site soon.

Last but not least.... THE CODE ROOM.... I did a session at the Space Coast Professional Developer Association (what a geeky name, huh?) in Melbourne on Monday... and a guy in the front row said... "I saw you on a TV commercial last night!  You're in The Code Room right?"  I couldn't believe it! Yes... we filmed a 30 minute TV show called The Code Room. It will be broadcast on your local PBS Affiliate in either December or January. I am not sure of the number of markets it will hit. I will know more by the end of next week. It was a blast! I did the ASP.NET 2.0 Membership and Personalization session in front of a packed house in Houston. The crowd was going wild when they saw all the TV cameras. They were cheering, clapping and laughing at all of my jokes! The directors who did this also did Charles Angels. It is a pilot and we will see how it turns out. It could become a series. Basically, I do the presentation and then we had 3 contestants, who were in the audience, code up an application based on the content they just saw in 'The Code Room' before the laptop battery runs out. I gave them a whole page of specs and they were great! To see if they completed it, i guess you will have to tune in! Let me know what you think!