The first weekend of February was a great weekend. There were so many attendees they had to close the freeway down. It was a free concert from now on…. what am I taking about? CODE CAMP 2005, Ft. Lauderdale! It was great! We had over 275 developers, and 30 top notch presenters in a standing room only venue at Nova University. There was some great content. We also had 2 killer .NET Pub Clubs. The one after the event had over 90 people, the largest one to date! To see a photo story from the weekend check out (it is a 13 meg download… so have the bandwidth)…

Hat's off to Mr. Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist for lining up all the great speakers and great coordination of the event.

Also, a few of my attendees have asked me to blog about what I do to tweak my VPC’s for performance. Here is what I do…

Allocate as much ram as you can, at least 512, sometimes 768 in memory. Once the VPC is opened and running, I disable any services not really needed in the Service manager. Then I bring up the properties for My Computer. I go to the advanced tab. I select the Settings button for Performance, and on the Visual Effects tab I select he radio button for Adjust for best performance. Then I go to the advanced tab (I guess this makes this advanced-advanced), set both the processor scheduling and Memory usage to programs. Finally I change the virtual memory settings to a minimum size of 1.5 times my memory setting and the maximum size to 4 times my memory setting. So if I had 512 as my memory setting for the VPC, these would be 768 and 2048 respectively. Shutdown and save the changes. These setting will be in effect the next time you start the machine.One other thing I do is in Internet Explorer in the VPC  under Tools/ Internet Options / Connections / Lan Settings, I un-check Automatically detect settings. Hope this helps!

As  for upcoming MSDN events in my area:

3/1 - Boca, FL (Michael Benkovich)
3/3 - West Palm Beach (Michael Benkovich)
3/8 – Jacksonville (Glen Gordon - Location TBD)
3/10 – Orlando (.NET Pub Club to follow at 6pm - Location Jungle Jims, 12501 SR 535 Lake Buena Vista, FL)
RSVP for pub club Dana Rivkind at
3/17 – Birmingham (Glen Gordon)

Upcoming User group meetings:

February 24 - New!!! Southwest Florida Microsoft User's Group in Fort Myers. - 6 PM until 8 PM at Chico's headquarters located at 11215 Metro Parkway in Fort Myers. See Russ Fustino ( ) of Microsoft present these topics. Web Services Unleashed (VS 2003) and Publishing your Application with Click Once Deployment (VS 2005) Pizza and soda will be served compliments of Microsoft.

March 1  - Florida.NET in Boca -
- ADO.NET / VS2005 System.Transactions - Mary Chipman - Microsoft
- 6:30 PM in Boca - Mary Chipman

March 2 Jacksonville Developers User Group -
Microsoft Special Event - @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Ken Getz, Senior Consultant with MCW Technologies - "Displaying Data with the ASP.NET 2.0 GridView and DetailsView Controls"

March 3 Capital City .NET User Group in Tallahassee
Ken Getz Coming to Town to Speak Thursday, at 6:00 PM Ken Getz will present: Working with Data using the Enhanced GridView and DetailsView Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 To be held at: 1625 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 100 .

March 8 Florida.NET in Miramar - 
Code Generation and .Net Data Access
- 6:30 PM in Miramar - Jaime Noriega and John Howard

March 10 Gold Coast Users Group Boca
 GCUG in Boca Raton 
ASP.Net 2.0 Data Capabilities by Corey O’Mara, ASP.Net MVP

March 16 Gator Microsoft Users Group - Gainesville
 GCUG in Gainesville 
Visual Studio 2005 Enhancements in Team Development
& Universal Data Access with SQL Server 2005 by Russ Fustino, Microsoft
Pizza and soda will be served compliments of Microsoft.

March 17 Miami Users Group
 MUG in Fort Lauderdale
SQL Server 2005 Snapshot Capability by Carlos Rojas


Homnick Systems - Reporting Services: Hands-On Seminar
Throughout Florida and Alabama in February

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to author, deploy, and manage reports using Reporting Services.

To all of my New England readers (and PATS fans)…. how about those PATS!!!!

(Ps. my daughter got a job with the Red Sox for Spring Training in Fort Myers – so you might see me around the park in March, especially the Yankees game !)