User group meetings:

12/8/2006 Tim Huckaby, Ken Spencer and Billy Hollis, Famous Authors, Speakers and Regional Director Ambassadors - Host  the SoFla Launch and 12th Annual Holiday Party December 8 at GCUG in Boca Raton 
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This is a joint meeting of GCUG, MUG and FlaDotNet with INETA sponsorship 

Top Ten Features of Exchange 2007 - 2pm to 3pm
Paul George reveals his top ten features of Exchange 2007.  Joe Homnick is going to be working the demos on this one


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Workflow Foundation (WF) Overview - 3pm to 4pm 
Ken Spencer and Billy Hollis give you a demo laden overview of these two new foundations found in the .Net Framework 3.0.  .Net 3.0 can be found in Vista natively and can be added to XP/W2K3.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and SharePoint 2007 - 4pm to 6pm
Tim Huckaby shows off a flagship application that his company developed for the Scripps cancer researchers utilizing WPF and SharePoint 2007.  This unique application uses WPF as a front end and SharePoint 2007 as a back end.  You'll be seeing how researchers spin cancer molecules within a WPF window and deliver the results through SharePoint 2007.  Way cool!!!!  Kevin Schuler of Microsoft is helping out on the demos for this present.

Party to follow!

12/12/2006 XNA Game Studio Express - Russ Fustino - Microsoft
 - 6:30 PM - Miramar - Russ Fustino
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12/19/2006 Software Development Methodologies - Group Share Session
 - Software Development Methodolgies - Group Share - Jeff Barnes, Ken Hamer-Hodges, Dave Noderer as facilitators
Ft Lauderdale
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01/09/2007 Visual Studio Orcas (aka VS2007) Overview - Joe Healy - Microsoft
 - 6:30 PM – Tampa
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1/25/2007 XNA Game Studio Express - Russ Fustino - Microsoft
- 6:00 PM - Orlando
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 Vista and Office 2007 Launch events: for all locations see:


 Big launch

*       Jan 18  - Tampa

MSDN Launch events

*       Jan 23 - Birmingham AL

*       Jan 25 - Orlando

*       Feb 20 - Ft Lauderdale

*       Feb 22 - Miami