I would like to thank all in attendance at my recent MSDN event in Buffalo. I did accomplish all tasks on my to do list while visiting including taking Blain, the TechNet presenter, to Niagara Falls and the casino, going to the Anchor Bar, eating roast beef on wick and wings, Bison Brand French Onion Dip & Chips, drinking Labatt’s Blue and Molsen XXX and visiting Mighty Taco at 12:45 AM. I bought a pack of Shalen hot dogs, froze them and packed them in my suit case and fired up the grill when I got back home in Florida! Delicious! The trip brought back a lot memories... Here are the links for local dev resources that I reviewed as I have had some requests to post this....



Central NY Developers Group - Syracuse


Visual Developers of Upstate New York - Rochester


East of Toronto (Scarborough )


Niagara - Buffalo



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