Presenter(s):  Russ Fustino & Joe Healy

Webcast Length: 60 Minutes

Date/Time:  4/4/2007 Noon-1pm EST

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Virtually all software today supports a discrete series of business steps known as a workflow. Until now, applications needed to implement their own workflow management framework. With Windows Workflow Foundation, one of the pillars of the .NET Framework 3.0, you get a programming model, engine and toolkit for quickly building workflow-enabled applications on Windows.


In this session, we’ll introduce you to concepts including activities, business rules, control flow, state management, and more. You’ll see how to model both human and system workflow and we’ll explore the architecture of Windows Workflow Foundation, including how to design, build and debug workflows. At the end of this session, you’ll know how to effectively use workflows in everyday applications.


This session will explore:

• Workflow concepts such as activities, business rules, control flow, and state management

• Human and system workflow models

• Architectural highlights of Windows Workflow Foundation

• How to design, build and debug workflows for everyday solutions