The crowd loved it!  The debut of “It’s All About The Tools – Episode 1” took place in Miami at the Miami .NET User group last week! Special Thanks to co-presenter MVP,  Stan Schultes for co-developing this session and to Max and Alex for setting this session up! As promised, here are the links to all of the resources below! Enjoy! I can’t wait to start on Episode 2.

Do you have a favorite tool? If so, and you want to share some information on it, please send an email to Russ Fustino at with “Tools” in the subject and include the following:

1.       What is it? (i.e., Windows Live Web Services enable developers, designers, and enthusiasts to quickly create compelling web and desktop applications)

2.       Exact Download Site URL :  (i.e, )

3.       Example Problem(s) it solves: (i.e., Add Search, Mapping, and rich media (Silverlight) to your apps and websites. Integrate blog, photo and contact management into your apps. )

4.       Installation Notes:  (i.e., Live Services are a set of web services, SDKs, samples and documentation that help you get up and running quickly).

5.       Usage Notes:  (i.e. requires Live ID authentication.)

6.       A demo script would be a bonus (and we will give you full credit if we decide to use it in a future episode).

Link to Power Point -

Fiddler – HTTP proxy for message debugging

IE Developer Toolbar – web page debugger tool

Visual Studio IDE Tools – add-ins

Refactor! 2005:

Refactor! 2008:

Visual Web Developer Express

Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions Beta 2 Available for Download


Live Services

Web Application Stress Tool

LINQ to SQL Debugger Visualizer

Community Sites 

Pack Installer (wicked cool)