Here are the links to photos from several of the shows…. Most notable was the Portland Maine show where we had a Halloween costume contest on a Friday night! (Note the Tool Shed look-a-like entries, 5 of them plus a code monkey and blue screen of death!). Enjoy and thanks for attending! The tour was a huge success!


Miami Sept 20!21E783A9A5776E1!794/

Tally Code camp 9/22!21E783A9A5776E1!801/

Huntsville 9/26!21E783A9A5776E1!858/

Birmingham 9/27!21E783A9A5776E1!863/

Miami Advisor Con 10/1!21E783A9A5776E1!872/

Birmingham Code camp 10/5!21E783A9A5776E1!877/

Orlando Tech Fair 10/6!21E783A9A5776E1!881/

Ft Walton 10/15!21E783A9A5776E1!889/

Tally 10/16!21E783A9A5776E1!894/

Florence SC 10/17!21E783A9A5776E1!916/

Raleigh 10/18!21E783A9A5776E1!910/

Hartford-Farmington 10/23!21E783A9A5776E1!924/

Waltham MA 10/24 2 hours before game one of the world series (dedicated attendees):!21E783A9A5776E1!937/

Boston, MA 10/25!21E783A9A5776E1!943/

Portland Maine 10/26 with Halloween costume contest!21E783A9A5776E1!697/

Ft Myers/Naples 10/30!21E783A9A5776E1!949/

Tampa 10/31!21E783A9A5776E1!959/

Orlando 11/2 – Tiki Hut MSDN Tour!21E783A9A5776E1!965/

Ft Lauderdale 11/6!21E783A9A5776E1!994/

Miami-Hollywood 11/7!21E783A9A5776E1!1002/

Miami Dade 11/8!21E783A9A5776E1!1016/

Vermont 11/12!21E783A9A5776E1!1085/

Vermont 11/13!21E783A9A5776E1!1092/

Taunton MA, Bristol RI 11/15!21E783A9A5776E1!1098/

Nashua NH 11/16!21E783A9A5776E1!1109/

Orlando-Tampa 11/19!21E783A9A5776E1!1117/