Welcome to ]inbetween[

So what is it?  Basically, the Florida User Group Communities were asked what would they do with the Orange County Convention Center for a weekend?  What they came up with was a FREE weekend with loads with loads of great content.  Get all the latest information and registration here http://www.devfish.net/articles/inbetween/registrations.aspx


Openspace at ]inbetween[  Do you want to talk at OpenSpace but all the slots are full in the mainline sessions? Just want to do a 30 minute birds of a feather on a particular topic? Perhaps you want to play some xbox and just hang out? OpenSpace is the place. Take a meal hall, add four projects, some xboxes, some vendor tables, and don't set any rules. OpenSpace will be one of the funnest areas of the inbetween event. Sign up for a session ahead of time or see what's cooking now at http://openspace.devfish.net