Links to Power points and code will be posted in my next blog as soon as I get home with some decent upload speeds (probably sometime tonight).. in the mean time here are the links of resources for the Events held in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando this week…



Mobile 6 SDK Refresh Download

Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images

.NET Compact Framework Applications and Libraries on the Web

Pocket Controller for Laptop


Want a Token?

You can request access to the CTP through our Microsoft Connect link on , (you need to dig  little on the page to find it) …  then get the nomination page on Connect and you can apply for a token.



For NET Reference Source Downloading…

Setting up your IDE
In Options dialog, Debugging General
Check  “Enable .NET Framework source stepping”

In “Symbol file (.pdb) locations” add (at a minimum)
Any of your company symbol servers
In “Cache symbols from symbol servers to this directory” enter

Problems with .NET Reference Source Downloading….

The debugger can only download a single file at a time
Wouldn’t it  be nice to have the following?

A batch download of all supported files into your cache
A way to work with proxy servers
A way to even have .NET source debugging with VS 2005 or CodeGear tools

NetMassDownloader to the rescue
By Kerem Kusmezer and John Robbins
To download all the current sources from Microsoft:

Also to answer a question from the Pub club after the event… You get to the create object id dropdown by either right mouse clicking on the data tip in debug mode or right mouse clicking on an item in the watch window.