If you have not registered for the Orlando code camp itself yet, please do so at:



You will need a ticket to be admitted into the session, for only this one session, “Russ’ Tool Shed Presents – It’s All About The Tools TV Show – Episode 2”… at the code camp . Various code camp instructors will be giving them out earlier in the day, perhaps in raffles in the sessions. So get to know them! We will have a max seating capacity of 50. Seek Microsoft's Russ Fustino out for wait list tickets as we may have some standing room. Session starts at 2:20 sharp with doors open at 2:05 in room c110a. It will last for 90 minutes. To summarize…

Tickets are needed for the TV Live Studio Audience

· “Influential’s Wanted” – Russ’ Tool Shed presents…. “It’s All About The Tools TV Show ”

· Be part of the live studio TV Audience!

· Host Russ Fustino, Co-Host Stan Schultes, guest speakers Jessica Sterner and Brian Johnson.

· Room c110a – Waitlist tickets will be processed at the 2:20pm sharp start

· Doors open at: 2:05.

· No one will be admitted after 2:20pm.

This is an all volunteer effort! Thanks to all who have contributed including a special thanks to Carl Franklin and several members of the DPE East team I am on at Microsoft. I still need volunteers. I need camera operators, attendee interviewers and ticket collectors and door control , still photos, and perhaps a runner to Wal-Mart if necessary. We will be setting up the room starting at 1pm.  If you want to help please contact me directly at rfustino@microsoft.com

Here is the content we will be covering in this TV Show episode…

Finding the right tool to solve these common developer challenges…

Need authentication on the web? - Russ
Finding a XAML Editor for great design of your web page - Russ
Setting up a virtual playground for testing and development – Stan
Maintaining the truth and privacy of your data while making changes to the schema - Russ
Building a web site from scratch in minutes without code - Stan
Why is this application not working? - Jessica
Another report project? Russ
Developer Community Update – Brian


Here is the write-up on the TV show format … I should have this edited and posted in a couple of weeks and up on Channel 9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/toolshed . This site will also have URLs for TV Show and landing page with resource links and source code.

TV Show Episode Abstract

Did you ever feel inundated with developer tools? Did you ever feel you're missing something that could make your life easier as a developer and a power user? There are so many tools available to choose from and it keeps getting tougher to keep up with them. Tool familiarity continues to be one of the top developer challenges. This series of seminars is all about tools for developers, by developers. Join Microsoft Florida Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino & MVP Stan Schultes and others as they bring you demos and discussion about their favorite developer tools. Each episode adheres to a basic structure which is slightly modified to create new and different scenarios from show to show. This structure is composed of the following elements:

· An introduction by Russ Fustino and MVP Stan Schultes and an agenda for what tools are going to be reviewed in the episode. Tool Shed Theme song, toss swag to audience…

· A reading of fan mail from the previous show

· An introduction to the guest speakers. This could be DE’s, MVP’s or RD’s or industry influential’s

· Each tool will be introduced with the following 5 bullet points and take 5 to 10 minutes to demo. It will be high level and fast paced… Live studio audience can ask questions

o What is it?

o Download Site:

o Example Problem(s) it solves:

o Installation Notes:

o Usage Notes:

· Community Update… what’s going on locally and nationally, including MSDN Events, MVP Program, RD Program, Code camps, User groups, INETA, community megaphone and code zone updates

· Next Episodes tools.

· Credits running side by side with closing interviews from the presenters and audience